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full-service provider for the biopharmaceutical industry

Kryosphere supports operations from the beginning stages of drug development to commercial drug manufacturing and everything in between!

Our technical operations staff are fully trained in all areas of safe product handling, product storage, material shipment, material receipt, local transfer of material, dedicated logistics, and good documentation practices. Kryosphere will always provide proper traceability and chain of custody.

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Floating Dots
From Development To Manufacturing

We Support Your Storage & Distribution Needs


  • Media Storage
  • Resin Storage
  • Equipment Storage
  • Sterile Product Container Storage

Drug Production & Intermediates

  • Process Development Material Freeze-Down
  • Process Development Material Thawing
  • Process Development Material Storage
  • Process Characterization Assistance
  • Drug Intermediate Storage

Drug Production & Finalization

  • Drug Product Handling and Quarantine
  • Drug Product Storage and Management
  • In-Process Sample and Retain Storage
  • Stability study planning and execution

Post-Drug Production & Retain

  • Clinical Sample Management, Blinding, and Randomization
  • Clinical Sample Retain
  • Clinical Document Retain

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